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Diego Cirulli – Hollow 02-06-16

Diego Cirulli (*1981)  is an Argentinian artist with a degree in Visual Arts. He also took a course on Scenic construction and is working as a set designer for several independent theatres and contemporary dance companies. At the same time he teaches at his art workshop „Kalos”.

The series of paintings in this exhibition were made during 2015 and the first half of 2016 in Buenos Aires. Originally, each of the works on display was conceived independently and not as part of a whole. As the work was developing, dialogues and conceptual correspondences that linked the paintings appeared: they traced the way for the series’ mood.

“Something happens in the painting process, in where a tacit intuition guides us in that daily dialog whith the material. There we build ourselfs. Whith perseverance and honesty, things are exposed with coherence. Then, there is the place where paint begins to talk us.“